The vision for Frankie Jean is to bring a little joy into the lives of those around us with the products we create. So in our world FJ stands for our name sake and our mission "For Joy" 

Who is Frankie Jean?

Written by Ashley Green - Owner/Designer

Growing up my mom, Frankie Jean, was by far the largest source of wisdom in my life. She was also a natural born creative. We both grew up on farm land, her in New Braunfels and myself just outside of Austin in Buda, Tx  which I think fostered a great since of discovery and creativity in us both. 
She was always creating and designing something whether it was those soft puff paint shirts in the 80's or a small business After School program for kids so they didn't have to go home to an empty house after school.
Two big things I learned from her were how to design and think forward in fashion and how to think about others in my community and to make sure to always do something to make it better if I could.

When I was thinking about my next step in business, I was in a time and place where I was reflecting on how long I've had to do life without my mom. When I was just 14 she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, and after an amazing recovery, later that year she was re-diagnosed and unknowingly only had 5 weeks to live. It obviously had a large impact on my life at that time, being a freshman in high school. I learned how to cope, but I would always think about her in everything I did including where to go off to college and what to study. I chose Baylor University, a place she talked about often, and fashion design, something I just felt called to with a gentle nudge I felt might have been from her.

​And after starting a few small business after college, I finally decided it was time to start "the one", the one I would want to do for the rest of my life. When I tried to think about what that would be she was on my mind, and so I thought it only fitting to name it after her so she could be with me in it . And it was from those thoughts that Frankie Jean was formed. 

My hope is that her legacy will live on as she continues to touch lives through this company.
She's sure has her name written all over it.